Limited Edition Interview CD w/Questions Surrounding "Angel Dust".


01 - It's 3 Years Since Your Last Studio Album. Are You Nervous About Releasing The New Album?
02 - How Do You Feel About Releasing 'Angel Dust'?
03 - What Inspired 'Angel Dust'?
04 - When Did You Start Recording 'Angel Dust'?
05 - What Was Your Major Concern When You Came To Record The Album?
06 - Was It An Enjoyable Experience Recording 'Angel Dust'?
07 - What Frame Of Mind Were You In When You Recorded 'Angel Dust'?
08 - What Difference Did It Make This Time Round Having Mike Involved From The Very Start Of The Project?
09 - Is There Anything You Wern't Happy About?
10 - The Title 'Angel Dust' Is Not A Track On The Album. What's The Story Behind It?
11 - What Made You Choose The Title Of The Album?
12 - Where Does The Inspiration Come For Your Songs?
13 - Do You All Usually Agree On The Songs?
14 - How Do You Write Your Songs?
15 - Do You Deliberately Set Out To Provoke With Your Songs?
16 - Did You Record Much Material For The Album?
17 - Why Did You Choose To Do A Cover Of 'Midnight Cowboy'?
18 - What Is 'Crack Hitler' About?
19 - What's 'Small Victory' About?
20 - Why Did You Choose To Work With Producer Matt Wallace Again?
21 - How Does 'Angel Dust' Compare To Your Last Studio Album 'The Real Thing'?
22 - What Changes Have Taken Place Between The Two Albums?
23 - Do You Think You Diluted Or Compromised Your Sound In A Way To Make It More Commercially Palatable?
24 - What Do You Think The Press Will Have To Say About 'Angel Dust'?
25 - Are You Affected By What The Critics Say?
26 - How Do You Feel About Fame?
27 - What Difference Has Success Made You?
28 - Do You Thunk Your Original Fans Have Stuck By You As You've Moved Up The Scale?
29 - Do You Get Nervous Playing Stadium Gigs In Front Of Thousands Of Fans?
30 - What Was Your Worst Ever Gig?
31 - Does The Band Have A Sence Of Humour?
32 - Introduction By Billy Gould And Mike Patton
33 - Introduction By Roddy Bottum
34 - Introduction By Jim Martin